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Alessandro Volta Biography

Alessandro Volta Biography

Alessandro Volta

Alessandro volta he was an Italian physicist an inventor of electric battery he was born in Como Duchy of Milan on 18 February 1745 his father’s name was Filippo Volta and mother’s name was Donna Maddalena as a child he did not display much intelligence and did not start speaking until he was four years old he received his early education at the Royal Seminary in Como in 1774.

Alessandro Volta Biography began his career in the field of physics by teaching the subject at the Royal School of Como during the year he studied atmospheric electricity and conducted experiments in fields of electrochemistry electromagnetism and electrophysiology in 1775 he pioneered the electro forests a device that produced a static electric charge this was a device that could be charged with electricity only by rubbing and this charge could be transferred to other objects between 1776 and 1770s a–‘s and discovered methane gas in the natural environment which he was able to isolate by the end of this period in 1800.

Alessandro Volta

Alessandro Volta Biography he invented voltaic pile the first electric battery this battery was actually a pile of alternating disks of copper and zinc separated by pieces of cardboard soaked in a brine that had the ability to maintain steady electric current he also developed the law of capacitance and theorized that law of bimetallic contact one of the major published works of this ingenious scientist was devised a trick Teva Ignace electracy on 1769 it was based on his extensive research on attractive force present in the electric fire he is also regarded as the father of the electric automobile in 1791.


Alessandro Volta

Alessandro Volta Biography he was made a fellow of the Royal Society of London for his groundbreaking work in physics especially development of electroscope he married Theresa Peregrine in 1794 at the age of 48 the couple had three sons in 1794 he was awarded the Copley medal by the Royal Society of London for development of Voltas law of the electrochemical series in 1801 he was honored with the title of count by Napoleon Bonaparte after he demonstrated the functionality of his battery to him he died in Como Lombrdi Venetia on 5 March 1827 at the age of 82 each metal has a certain power which is different from metal to metal of setting the electric fluid in motion said Alessandro Volta. (New Site)


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