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Blaise Pascal Biography

Blaise Pascal – He was a French mathematician physicist inventor writer and Catholic philosopher he was born in clermont-feran operon France on 19 June 1623 his father’s name was Eddie yen Pascal and mother’s name was Antoinette vegan his father was a tax collector and a talented mathematician his mother died when he was just three years old his father never remarried and appointed a maid to take care of the children Etienne was completely devoted to his children and educated them himself and encouraged their intellectual pursuits.

Blaise Pascal proved to be a child prodigy who developed a deep interest in mathematics and science as a young boy impressed by the boys fascination with mathematical concepts his father took him to meetings at the mathematics academy in Paris at the age of 16 Blaise Pascal presented some of his early theorems including his mystical hexagon to the audience in 1642.

(Blaise Pascal Biography) He started working on a mechanical calculator that could perform additions and subtractions after watching his father perform exhausting calculations and recalculations of taxes owed and paid the device was called Pascal’s calculator or the Pascal ein he continued working on improving the Pascal eins as there was a discrepancy between the calculators design and the structure of the French currency of the time he had made many improvements to the original design by 1645 yet the Pascal lines were not commercially successful due to their high cost during the 1640s.

(Blaise Pascal Biography) He learned of evangelist to iris Ellie’s experimentation with barometers following in his footsteps Pascal experimented with how atmospheric pressure could be estimated in terms of weight through his own experimentation he validated to our Sally’s theory concerning the cause of barometric of Ariens and paved the way for further studies in hydrodynamics and hydro statics during the same time period he invented the syringe and created the hydraulic press an instrument based upon the principle that became known as Pascal’s law he made significant contributions to mathematics and published his trade do triangle arithmetic treatise on the arithmetic ‘el triangle in 1653.

(Blaise Pascal Biography) The treatise described a convenient tabular presentation for binomial coefficients now called Pascal’s triangle in 1654 he corresponded with the eminent mathematician Pierre de firma on the subject of gambling problems the important groundwork laid by these two great mathematicians proved to be instrumental in Leibniz formulation of the calculus.

Blaise Pascal had an intense religious experience in 1654 after which he mostly gave up work in mathematics following this he focused on writing on religious matters and published an 18 letter series between 1656 and 1657 under the pseudonym luis de mon told in these letters he attacked cassis tree a popular ethical method used by Catholic thinkers in the early modern period and this greatly angered king louis xiv who ordered that the work be shredded and burned in 1660.(Blaise Pascal Biography)

Blaise Pascal was of delicate health and suffered from several ailments during the later years of his life he was working on an apology on Christianity which he could not complete before his untimely death at the age of 39 the fragments of his work were later collected and published posthumously as the pen sees which is today considered a masterpiece in mathematics his most significant contribution was the development of probability theory he died in Paris France on 19 August 1660 – at the age of 39 justice without forces powerless forced without justice is tyrannical said Blaise Pascal (Blaise Pascal Biography).


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