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Helen Keller Biography

Helen Keller Biography

Helen Keller was born on 27 June 1880 in Alabama. His father was a successful editor of the city’s newspaper and his mother was a housewife. Helen Keller was still very young and was gripped by high fever.

In most cases, such a patient died but Helen survived. Later it was discovered that his power to see and hear was gone. The parents woke up but they knew that their daughter had the strength to face all the struggles.

Helen Keller used the power to smell and touch. She would follow her mother’s skirt back and forth. Soon she started recognizing them with the touch of faces or clothes. She recognized many of her father’s friends with the smell of tobacco.

At the age of seven, he started using sign Helen Keller Biography language among the family, but it was not a formal sign language. If she wanted to eat or drink something, she would explain it by hand. From this age, he realized his deficiency. If she did not fulfill her point, she would make a noise.

The parents thought of appointing a teacher for him. Annie’s teacher was also blind. She came to know that Helen behaves like this only in the absence of snapping. To teach Helen, Annie made a water sign on her hand, then took her hand underwater.

In this way, he enabled Heller to speak in complete sentences. Annie suggested that Helen Keller be sent to the Parkin Institute for the Blind. At first, the father felt wasteful, but then he agreed.

Helen Keller learned braille for six years. Now she was an intelligent woman whose importance was infinite. Helen learned sign language at the Wright-Humason School for Deep in New York and then graduated from Radcliffe College in 1904.

Then Helen wrote a book, “The Story of My Life”, so popular that she bought a house out of her income. She was a religious woman, she also raised her voice for equal rights for women.(Helen Keller Biography).

He traveled all over the country and told his story to the people so that they too could get inspiration to fight with misery. He died in 1968, but even today he is the inspiration of so many people. After his death, many plays and films have been made on his life Helen Keller Biography.



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