Leonardo da Vinci Biography


Leonardo da Vinci Biography

Leonardo da Vinci – He was a painter sculptor architect engineer and scientist he was born on April 15, 1452 in the town of Vince Italy his father’s name was Leonardo da Vinci and mother’s name was Caterina not much is known about his childhood other than his father was we and had a number of wives very little is known about Leonardo da Vinci’s early life and for many years about the fourteen.

He became an apprentice to a famous artist (Leonardo da Vinci Biography) Barack EO he leonardo to paint and sculpt under him and was also taught the basics of metallurgy drafting chemistry botany cartography and carpentry at his workshop he collaborated with Verrocchion on a number of paintings such as the baptism of Christ by 1472.

Leonardo da Vinci Biography qualified as a master in the guild of st. Luke an association of artists and doctors one of his earliest drawings is Arno Valley a sketch of the valley of the same name which was made on August 5th 1473 with the help of her akio in 1478 he received two important painting commissions viz st. jerome in the wildernesses and adoration of the Mahdi both of which were never completed from 1478 to 1480 he painted Madonna of the carnation and oil painting with the central motifs of young.

(Leonardo da Vinci Biography) Many and baby Jesus on her lap and a carnation in her left hand the next important works were the virgin of the rocks– and Madonna of the rocks which were similar in style but differed in composition he was commissioned to create a massive horse statue for a patron one of his greatest paintings the Last Supper was commissioned to him by the Duke Ludovico Sforz and Leonardo worked on it from 1495 to 1498.

In the year 1500 Leonardo was appointed as the military architect and engineer in 1502 he entered the service of sesor Borgia the son of Pope Alexander the 6th and created a map of sesor City at a time when maps were not very common in 1503.

(Leonardo da Vinci Biography) Leonardo went to Florence and began painting a mural of the Battle of Anghiari which took him two years to complete he started painting his masterpiece Mona Lisa also called La Gioconda around the same time and completed it in 1506 in 1506 he returned the milan and many of his prominent pupils began to work with him he was obsessed with flight and had plans for building something similar to a helicopter in 1502.

He wrote several books throughout his lifetime including codex on the flight of birds in 1505 a scientific palimpsest containing 18 folios the Vitruvian Man is a drawing created by Leonardo da Vinci in 1490 and depicts two superimposed positions of a male figure he was not attracted to women but developed a close friendship with his patrons Cecilia kalarani and the two West days sisters Isabella and Be atrice Vincey died on 2 May 1519 in Amboise kingdom of France at the age of 67 art is never finished only abandoned said Leonardo da Vinci. (Leonardo da Vinci Biography)



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