Mother Teresa Biography


Mother Teresa Biography

Mother TeresaIs the founder of missionaries of charity mother Teresa was born on August 26 1910 in Scotch the current capital of the republic of macedonia her father’s name was nickel bollocks ooh and mother’s name was dragged a file box ooh her father was an Albanian businessmen benefactor politician and mother was a grocer her parents named her Agnes gank bollocks ooh her father died when she was eight years old.

(Mother Teresa Biography) Agnes attended a convent run primary school and then a state-run secondary school as a girl as a girl she sang in the local Sacred Heart choir in 1928 and 18 years old Agnes decided to become a nun and set off her Ireland to join the sisters of Loretto in Dublin it was there that she took the name sister Mary Theresa sister Mary Theresa came to India in 1929 and initiated Erna vitiate in Darjeeling West Bengal as a teacher at st. Teresa’s school sister Teresa took her first religious vows in May 1931 on May 24th 1937.

(Mother Teresa Biography) She took her final profession of vows and would that acquire the name which the world recognizes her with today Mother Teresa the next 20 years of her life mother Teresa dedicated to serving as a teacher at the st. Mary’s School graduating to the post of the principal in 1944 on September 10th 1946 would transform her life completely in the January of 1948.

As she received a final approval from the local Archbishop for Danang career to pursue the new calling she began missionary work with the poor on August 17th 1948 replacing her traditional Loretto habit with a simple white cotton sari with a blue border her first outing was on December 21st 1948.

(Mother Teresa Biography) To help the people in the slums mother Teresa finally received permission by the Vatican to start a congregation that known as missionaries of charity in October 7th 1950 the congregation started off with 13 members in 1952 she inaugurated the first home for the dying then she initiating a home for those suffering from Hansen’s disease commonly known as leprosy the home was called shanty Nagar in 1955.

MotherTeresa opened a home for the orphans and homeless youths named as Nirmala sheshu Bhavan or the children’s home of the Immaculate Heart by 1960 missionaries of charity had opened several hospices orphanages into leper houses all over India in 1963 (Mother Teresa Biography) missionaries of charity brothers was founded in 1976 a contemplative branch of the sisters was opened in 1981 she began the Corpus Christi movement for priests and in 1984.

(Mother Teresa Biography) The missionaries of charity father’s was initiated then she formed the co-workers of mother Teresa the sick and suffering co-workers and the lay missionaries of charity the congregation opened its first house outside India in Venezuela in 1965 with five sisters then in Rome Tanzania and Austria by 1970s the order had reached several countries in Asia Africa Europe and United States in 1982.

Mother Teresa rescued almost 37 c mihildren who were trapped in a frontline hospital in Beirut the first missionaries of charity home in the United States was established in the South Bronx New York by 1984 in 1991 mother Teresa returned to her homeland for the first time since 1937 and opened a missionaries of charity brothers home in Tirana Albania by 1997.

(Mother Teresa Biography) Missionaries of charity had almost 4,000 sisters working in 610 foundations in 450 centers in 123 countries across the six continents the Government of India honoured her with Padma Shri Jawaharlal Nehru award for international understanding and Baird Ratna India’s highest civilian award in 1962 she was honoured with Ramon Magsaysay Award for international understanding for her merciful cognizance of the abject poor in 1971 she was awarded the first pope john xxiii Peace Prize in 1979.

Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize she suffered a heart attack while visiting Pope John Paul the second in Rome in 1983 she died on September 5th 1997 at the age of 87 at Calcutta West Bengal India in 2003 mother Teresa was beautified by Pope John Paul the second at st. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City since then she has been known as Blessed Mother Teresa she was canonized by Pope Francis on 4 September 2016 and is now known as st. Teresa of Calcutta yesterday is gone tomorrow has not yet come we have only today let us begin said Mother Teresa (Mother Teresa Biography).


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