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Swami Shraddhanand Biography

Swami Shraddhanand Biography

As the name and quality of happiness and joy are represented by the great-grandfather, Sukhananda, Nirbhay Veer God, the devotee’s father, Gulab Rai, and the grand family of Godless father Nanakchand, in the holy family of village Taiwan district Jalandhar (Punjab), Phalgun Krishna Trayodashi Samvat 1913, born on the holy day of Vikrami The name Munshiram became popular. He was the most junior among his four brothers and two sisters. His father was a senior police officer in the British rule, who ruled lavishly in places like Lahore, Hisar, Meerut, Bareilly, Badayu, Kashi, Banda, Mirzapur, Mathura, Khurja, etc.

Swami Shraddhanand Biography Munshiram’s childhood and adolescence were spent with his father. He was educated in Queens College, Jai Narayan College in Benares and Mayo College in Prayag. According to the dynasty tradition, their religion and devotion had a special effect. They would not even have refreshments without seeing Vishwanath ji. In Banda, he used to listen to the recitation of regular Ramcharitmanas and used to recite Hanuman Chalisa a hundred times while standing on one leg every Adityavar.

Swami Shraddhanand Biography One day his teenage heartfelt hurt that all his orthodox religious fanaticism disappeared. It happened that when Kashi went to Viswanath, she was stopped outside because the Queen of Rewa was seen in the temple. In this way, they became disinterested with idolatry. Due to many such incidents, Munshi Ram’s mind was uprooted. Swami Dayanand Saraswati arrived in Bareilly in Samvat 1936. Father had to listen to Swami Ji’s lectures as a peace system. He urged Munshi Ram to join Swami’s Satsang only when he did not want them.

Swami Shraddhanand Biography After seeing Adityamurthy Dayanand’s great personality and seeing Pastor Scott and other Europeans sitting in the meeting, Shudha emanated in his mind. He doubted the existence of God before Swamiji on three occasions. Hearing his answer, he had to remain silent but he said that “Mahatma! Because of your reasoning power, you made me speechless but did not convince me that there is any power even in God. ” Hearing this, Swamiji laughed first, then he said seriously, “You asked questions, I answered, it was a matter of tact.” When did I promise that I will make your faith in God? You will believe in God only if that Lord Himself makes you a believer ”.

Swami Shraddhanand Biography The talk is done. Coming from Bareilly, Munshiram started working as a lawyer in Jalandhar. They used to smell of slavery in British chakri. In the Vikram Samvat 1941, he decided to go to Lahore and pass the examination of Vakalat. On reaching Lahore, he was connected with Arya Samaj and Satyarth Prakash. Later, he became active in social work, advocating in Jalandhar. The Arya Samaj was made the head of Jalandhar and started touring machinery and preaching the Vedas. Necessary to strengthen the true religion by refuting hypocrisies through scriptures. He published and distributed “Sadharma Pracharak” and other letters.

Swami Shraddhanand Biography Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, composed of many Arya Samaj, gave stability to Punjab. Even after the unfortunate death of the wife at a very young age, she did not marry another. The first girl’s school opened in Jalandhar. DAV College was instrumental in the operating system of Lahore, but seeing the neglect of Sanskrit language and Aarasha Shastras, established Gurukul Kangri in 1902 to give a realization to Satyarth Prakash’s education system, for which he not only sold his kothi but collected the desired funds. He did it before a certain time and kept his two sons in the Gurukul and studied.

Swami Shraddhanand Biography When Gandhiji came to India from South Africa and visited Gurukul for the first time, Acharya Munshiram first described Mahatma Gandhi as a “world” by Mahatma Gandhi. After serving Gurukul for 15 years, India came to Delhi to contribute in the freedom war. While leading the Satyagraha movement against the Rowlatt Act, the gunman opened his chest in front of the firing men and shouted “I stand and shoot. The Gorkha soldiers’ raised music bowed down”.

Swami Shraddhanand Biography By now, Munshi Ram had become a monk after Swami Shraddhanand. Swamiji was called to address 30 thousand Muslim brothers from the Member of Jama Masjid in Delhi. Became instrumental in Akalio’s just movement and endured prison torture. He was invited to preach honor on the Akal Takht. Swami Shraddhanand participated extensively in the Congress movement due to the freedom of Bharat Mata, national unity, and harmony of Vedic culture. After the brutal massacre of Jallianwala Bagh, it was a good idea to organize the Congress General Assembly in Punjab.

Swami Shraddhanand Biography Swami ji (Swami Shraddhanand) made it successful by not only fulfilling the responsibility of the head of the Swagatist but for the first time, he set a record for creating new history by giving a welcome speech in Hindi. Swami Shraddhanand, who is committed to the permanent welfare of Bharatbhumi, started worrying about the plight of the Dalit brothers of the country, he proposed to save them in Congress Sessions. His relentless neglect of this request left the Congress and started a successful campaign to redress the difficulties of the Dalits through the Dlitodar Sabha. (New Site)

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