Vladimir Lenin Biography


Vladimir Lenin Biography

Vladimir Lenin – He was a Russian revolutionary in head of Communist Party he was born on April 22nd 1870 in simbirs Russian Empire his father’s name was Ilya Ilya nod and mother’s name was Maria Alexandrovn blank Lenin was born flat Mariela Julia nod to an upper middle-class family in the russian town of simbirs on the Volga River his father was an inspector of schools and died in 1886.

(Vldimir Lenin Biography) His older brother Alexander was executed for taking part in a plot to assassinate Czar Alexander the third after his brother’s death the young Vladimir Lenin took up his revolutionary ways while still a teenager Lenin was expelled from college for taking part in a political demonstration for several years he lived with relatives studying law and reading revolutionary literature especially the writings of Karl Marx in 1891.

(Vldimir Lenin Biography) He his law examinations but his law practice quickly took a backseat to his revolutionary activity as he began to make a name for himself within the world of Russian Marxism Leninism ested in 1895 sent to jail and later exiled to Siberia there he married nadezhda krupskaya in july 22nd 1898.

At the age of 28 during this period the first Russian Marxist political party was founded the Russian social democratic Labor Party or Social Democrats when his exile ended in 1910 and went abroad to Western Europe where he was joined by Crip Scalia and began to publish a revolutionary newspaper Iskra the spark until 1917 lenin and krupskaya traveled around europe agitating and organizing for a revolution they believed to be inevitable in 1917.

(Vldimir Lenin Biography) The Russian Revolution toppled the Czarist government and Lenin returned from exile in Switzerland from March until November of 1917 Russia was ruled by a provisional government which made plans for a democratically elected assembly Lenin led the new government which quickly made peace with the Germans and conducted a bloody civil war again to the whites a loose collection of armies United only by their opposition to Bolshevism those fighting on the side of the government were known as the Reds after much violence.

The Reds won largely thanks to the work of Leon Trotsky a former Menshevik who organized the Red Army in this struggle Lenin ordered (Vldimir Lenin Biography) the use of brutal tactics against whites but also civilians as he put into bloody practice the Marxist ideas of class warfare the campaign became known as the Red Terror Lenin’s accompanying economic innovations then caused a terrible famine in 1921.

Which killed nearly 5 million people by 1922 Lenin was the ruler of a united Russia however wretched which was renamed the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics he suffered two strokes in 1922 and a third in 1923 that robbed him of the power of speech he died on January 21st 1924 at Gorky Lenin sky you Soviet Union at the age of 53 the best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency said Vladimir Lenin (Vladimir Lenin Biography).


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