Winston Churchill Biography


Winston Churchill Biography

Winston Churchill – He is a prime minister of the United Kingdom he was born in Woodstock Oxfordshire England on 30 November 1874 his father’s name was Lord Randolph Churchill and mother’s name was Lady Randolph Churchill his father was a prominent politician and mother was a magazine editor he was a rebellious young boy who hated formal education in April 1888.

(Winston Churchill Biography) He was sent to Harrow school a boarding school near London he did poorly there though he developed a love for the English language after leaving Harrow in 1893 he applied to attend the Royal Military College Sandhurst he failed in his initial attempts to pass the test but eventually got selected he graduated in December 1894 and was commissioned as a cornet second lieutenant in the fourth Queen’s Own hussars.

(Winston Churchill Biography)In Churchill attended the Royal Military College and joined the British cavalry upon graduation he travelled to many places while with the military and worked as a newspaper correspondent writing stories about battles and being in the military while in South Africa during the Second World War Winston Churchill was captured and became a prisoner of war he managed to escape from prison and travelled 300 miles to be rescued as a result he became something of a hero in Britain for a while in 1900 search Hill was elected to Parliament over the next 30 years he would hold a number of different offices in the government including a cabinet post in 1908.

He is career had many ups and downs during this time but he also became famous for many of his writings he married Clementine hozier in (Winston Churchill Biography) 12th 1908 at the age of 33 five children were born to them of which one died as a child at the outbreak of World War.

Two Churchill became First Lord of the Admiralty in command of the Royal Navy at the same time the current Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain wanted to appease Germany and Hitler Churchill knew this would not work and warned the government that they needed to help fight Hitler or Hitler would soon take over all of Europe as Germany continued to advance the country lost confidence in Chamberlain finally Chamberlain resigned and Winston Churchill was chosen to be his successor as Prime Minister on may 10th 1940.

At the age of 65 soon after becoming prime minister Germany invaded France and Britain was alone in Europe fighting Hitler Churchill inspired the country to keep fighting despite the bad circumstances he also helped to forge an alliance of Allied powers with the Soviet Union and the United States even though he did not like Joseph.

Winston Churchill Biography Stalin and the Communists of the Soviet Union he knew the Allies needed their help to fight Germany with the Allies help and Winston Churchill leadership the British were able to hold off Hitler after a long and brutal war they were able to defeat Hitler and the Germans after the war Churchill’s party lost the election and he was no longer Prime Minister he was still a major leader in the government however he was again elected Prime Minister in 1951.

He served the country for many years and then retired Winston Churchill was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1953 he was died in Kensington London England on 24 January 1965 at the age of 90 continuous effort not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our potential said Winston Churchill (Winston Churchill Biography).



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