Xi Jinping Biography


Xi Jinping Biography

Xi Jinping – He was the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China we he was born in Beijing on 15 June 1953 his father’s  name was a Johnson and mother’s name was Kay Jean his father was a politician and mother was of historian in 1962 the elders I was removed from his position of vice premier and later imprisoned the teenaged son was sent to the rural village of liang jia to work and live among the locals with who  he was very popular while in liyangji.

He lived in a typical cave-like dwelling fetched water from a well and subsisted mainly on rice gruel after seven years he went at singing away University in the capital city of Beijing to study chemical engineering single University produced as much of China’s governing elite throughout his youth zai had tried to join the Communist Party several times he was consistently rejected due to his father’s broken relationship with the party in 1974.

He was finally received into the party beginning his political career as an aide to Jiang Miao Jiang was a top leader of the People’s Liberation Army Zi served three years as the party secretary in the Hebei Province of China transferred to Fujian in 1985 he worked in various party posts beginning as deputy mayor of shaman he proposed several infrastructure improvements all of which were rejected by the provincial authorities zai married ki lingula later divorced in 1987.

He married folk singer Peng Lai Yuen same year zai transferred to minc’s where he served as a district party chief he launched a conservation campaign that beautified the major artery connecting link to the greater Fujian province in 1992 the couple had their only child a daughter named Simon’s he was the party leader in fuss who the provincial capital from 1998 to 2000 credited with stimulating foreign investment zai revitalized the historical three lanes and seven alleys section his reputation is an honest an efficient politician rose steadily during his time in Fujian province in 2000.

Xi Jinping He was named fugien provincial governor in 2003 he moved to the province of Xinjiang where he served as governor and party secretary during his tenure private industry quadrupled its research and development investment in the province in 2007 he was picked to lead the party in Shanghai as with his other appointments this was made on account of his reputed integrity in the wake of scandal 2008 was a watershed year for seijin Bing he was named to the Standing Committee of the Communist Party and shortly thereafter vice-president of the PRC in 2012.

Xi Jinping He assumed the position of general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China as China is a one-party state this is functionally the most powerful position in the country later that same year zai was elected president a title that confers upon him the position of head of state together with his political supremacy he qualifies for the designation of paramount leader among his writings is the governance of China a compilation of political philosophy released in 2014.

By ICP intercultural press it places among the top 50 in the politics and government Asian category of the Amazon rankings in the same year Shanghai Jiaotong University Press is published approachable the charm of zai Jian things words a collection of quotes by President sigh President Xi Jinping was honored by the Cuban government in 2014 with the order of Jose Marti the highest honor Cuba can confer China will continue to play its part as a major in responsible country said Xi Jinping. (Xi Jinping Biography)


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